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Our company offers you a complete service programme that can be perfectly adapted to your own company needs: it starts with consulting with your problems, extends to quick repairs and parts supply up to preventive maintenance of your equipment. Our objective is to keep your production line permanently running in an acceptable budget.

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We offer to our clients a complete range of services.

Repairing & Maintenance

There are specific equipment for specific industries or applications. Often, it is necessary to perform tests or measurements to determine which systems are affected. Individual consultancy and proximity to clients are our top priorities. Together with you, our experts find the optimal solution, which is then customized for the failure that occurred.

We put on our clients disposal a complete range of services of reparing and maintenance for industrial equipment. In order to suit specific needs and budget we offer a large variety of efficient interventions in electrical, pneumatic, mechanic and hydraulic malfunctions. We cover a wide variety of industries where our technical services and preventive maintenance are very important for our clients.

We have specialized engineers prepared to face all the challenges in these domains that have proven their skills in textile, woodworking, glass processing, pharmaceutical, metal processing industries.

maintenance agreement
Maintenance Agreement

Our range of maintenance services offers to our clients the opportunity to benefit from signed contracts with our company. Our maintenance agreements guarantees quick and efficient services, failures detected and remedied early on on customers sites. We also provide annual inspections included in the contract, free phone/computer technical support provided by our trained staff.

Our various maintenance and service packages guarantee the efficient repair of your equipment and reduce the downtime.

spare parts service
Spare Parts Service

We offer to our clients a complete list of spare parts for their machines and the possibility to order them in time for avoiding idle time in production lines. The prompt delivery, the large variety of spare parts and the performance logistics we offer are the key elements for our business partners.

technical consultancy
Technical Consultancy

We have trainee personal that gives our clients the opportunity to develop with us a complete modernized production line and an efficient optimization for technological processes. We can design a specific product with our partners and we can realize technical suggestions to offer professional consultancy in all production fields.

Dismantling, Assembling, Packing, Transport for Relocations

Our experience in this domain makes our company a good and reliable partner. We offer a complete range of services for business relocation. We carefully dismantle each and every single one of your equipment, we pack every piece safely. We load your machines into trucks and we make sure that all the load has been provided with the right strings and has been positioned secure into the transport machine.

Effective Automations for your Industrial Equipment

Our engineers have the necessary training and studies to make possible a range of automations necessary for increasing your production reliability. We put on your disposal all kinds of equipment programmed for your specific needs.

We offer solutions specific to your industry from the most important manufacturers worldwide in the fields of automation. We always provide customized solutions, and our desire is to optimize your costs and find together the best solutions to the challenges that have arisen.

Your problems become our solutions