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S.C. CRISTIANA COLOR IMPEX S.R.L. is a company with a fully private Romanian capital.

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We are a young team whose goal is to satisfy our clients requirements by offering them quality services in their benefit.

Our company offers complete services of reconditioning and maintenance for a wide range of machineries and industrial equipment. We are specialized in services of dismantling, packing and preparing for transport of the equipment you need to sell or buy and also, we can realize efficient reparations on the site. This type of rapid services helps you to considerable reduce the time of downtime of your industrial equipment and make it enter the production process as soon as possible.

Of course, that repairing, reconditioning and maintaining of your machineries offers your company a cheaper alternative to buying new and expansive ones.









We can perform all kinds of electrical, mechanical or hydraulic repairs. This type of interventions makes your industrial equipment fully functional in a very short time. Our technicians have a wide experience and they are familiar with all types of machineries newer or older so they can offer personalized solutions for every client. Our team includes experienced electricians and mechanics fully capable to work with machineries from a wide variety of industries: textile, pharmaceutical, woodworking, metal processing, etc.

Your problems become our solutions